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Dig into techniques for managing these noxious weeds, featuring research and on-farm results from academics and producers.

Tailored for farmers engaged in grain, cattle and vegetable production, this online event recording features research trials and on-farm results from academics and producersā€”all with an emphasis on successful management techniques for these noxious weeds.

  • Creep Stop Project – Dr. Patrick Carr, Montana State University
    Dr. Patrick Carr of Montana State University shares the results of his Creep Stop project, a multi-year study trialling different planting sequences and soil management techniques to reduce both bindweed and Canada thistle populations in a grain setting. He also shares some of the latest research and successes with biological controls.
  • Control of Canada Thistle in Corn and Soybeans – Dr. Anne Weil, agronomist formerly with CETAB+
    Dr. Anne Weil, an agronomist formerly with the Centre of Expertise and Transfer in Organic and Local Agriculture (CETAB+) in Quebec, shares results from her successful two-year trial around control of Canada thistle in corn and soybeans.
  • Managing Thistle in Grazing Operations – Percy Folkard, TRU instructor and grazier
    Percy Folkard, Thompson Rivers University instructor and grazier, shares his successes and techniques for managing thistle in his own grazing operation. Through carefully planned rotational cattle grazing, without focusing on elimination, he uses intentional practices with the goal of achieving a desirable plant community.
  • Keeping Bindweed at Bay – Alden Braul, agronomist and farmer
    Alden Braul, agronomist and farmer at BV Agro in the North Okanagan, shares his experience with keeping bindweed at bay in his alfalfa seed operation.

Plus, a facilitated audience discussionā€”sharing on-the-ground successes and challenges with each other, and Q&A with the speakers.

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