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Have you discovered a person or company who is falsely marketing their products as organic in British Columbia?

The term “organic” is a protected label in British Columbia. That means products marketed as organic in the province must be certified, either through a provincial or federal program. Uncertified operators whose products carry the organic label could face penalties including fines.

Consumers need to know the products they’re purchasing are truly organic—that they’ve been grown or made according to rigorous organic standards. BC’s organic regulations are monitored and enforced on a complaint basis, so it’s up to you to help us ensure the integrity of the organic label.


Examples of misuse of the organic label by an uncertified operator include:
  • Using the word “organic” in marketing materials
  • Using the British Columbia Certified Organic logo and/or the Canada Organic logo



Here’s what to do:

Check the Organic BC directory

If you suspect a company is marketing their product(s) as organic without certification, first check the Organic BC directory. Use this search tool to view a list of certified operators that are a part of Organic BC.


Contact AgriService BC

If you don’t find the company you are concerned about listed in the Organic BC directory, get in touch with AgriService BC. You will be asked to provide your name and contact information. Your complaint is strictly confidential however, and your personal details will not be released to the party in question. We encourage complainants to include your contact information so the enforcement officer can follow up with you if they have further questions, and/or let you know the outcome.



AgriService BC
888 221-7141 • AgriServiceBC@gov.bc.ca


BC Ministry of Agriculture and Food
Emma Holmes, Industry Specialist, Organics
Tel: 250 241-1337
Email: emma.holmes@gov.bc.ca