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Join us as we celebrate, champion and advocate for a resilient organic sector in British Columbia.

About Us

Organic BC is growing the organic movement in British Columbia from the ground up. Our grassroots network of organic certifiers, farmers, processors and consumers is working to build healthy soil, ecosystems, people and communities. Together, we’re raising the standards for organic agriculture and transforming agriculture’s impact on the planet.

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About Organic

What is Organic?

Organic agriculture is a production system that sustains the health of soils, ecosystems, and people.

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Is it Organic?

In British Columbia, it’s easy to tell if a food product is truly organic.

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Canadian Organic Standards

Organic agriculture in Canada is governed by rigorous principles, practices and permitted substances.

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Find Organic

Find local organic food, farms and businesses through the Organic BC directory.

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Interested in becoming certified organic? It's easier than you think!

Certification options

Choose from a wide variety of organic certifers to find the best fit for you and your business

Two certification programs

Certify under the British Columbia Certified Organic Program and/or the Canada Organic Regime


Organic BC's unique online tool makes certification easier than ever


Organic BC News

Media Release: Canada Announces Voluntary Disclosure of Gene-Edited Seeds, Putting Organic Sector at Risk

Media release: Organic BC’s response to Canada’s decision to allow new gene-edited seeds to be released without mandatory disclosure.

Organic BC May 17, 2023

2025 Review of the Canadian Organic Standards

In order to prepare for the 2025 review of the Canadian Organic Standards, all organic stakeholders are invited to submit requests for modifications.

Organic BC May 8, 2023

Canada Moves Forward Without Mandatory Disclosure of Gene Edited Seeds

Media release: Canada’s decision to move forward without mandatory disclosure of gene edited seeds puts the organic sector at significant risk.

Organic BC May 3, 2023

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