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Organic education

Whether you’re looking to start a career in organic agriculture, transition to more sustainable farming practices, or stay on top of the latest organic methods, these educational opportunities offer something for everyone.

From Organic BC

Organic Innovation Series

A collection of virtual field days highlighting leaders in regenerative practices, rotational grazing and nitrogen management. Get an inside look at the tools and techniques being used by organic farms around the province to improve soil health and operational resiliency!

Soil Health Series

Our Soil Health Series features virtual farm tours and conversations with producers around the province.

Self-Directed Courses and Networking

FaRM – Farm Resilience Mentorship Program

Free, self-directed courses on nitrogen management, cover cropping and grazing systems, plus opportunities to network and learn from your peers.


Education programs

University of British Columbia – UBC Farm Practicum in Sustainable Agriculture 

A four to six-month experiential learning program designed for aspiring farmers, environmental educators, gardeners, and anyone interested in applying knowledge about sustainable agriculture and food systems.


Kwantlen Polytechnic University – Bachelor of Applied Science in Sustainable Agriculture

The only agriculture program in Canada that has a complete 4-year degree curriculum focused on organic production.


Other programs across Canada

From the Organic Agriculture Centre of Canada, a list of other Canadian universities and colleges with organic programs.


Organic Land Care

Organic land care courses designed for anyone interested in sustainable land management practices, from backyard and community gardeners to professional landscapers.  Courses are offered online, and in-person when circumstances permit.


Podcasts and webinars

AgriService BC webinars

Stay current on issues, overcome challenges, and achieve your business and production goals.


Canadian Organic Growers

Webinars and courses from Canada’s national organic farmer and consumer association.


UBC Farm – Future of Food Webinar Series

Focuses on investigating the food system from all angles, creating a space to ask fundamental questions on how we can increase resiliency in the food system both during and after COVID-19.


Canada Organic Trade Association

Informative webinars from COTA’s Organic Week celebrations and annual Organic Summits.


Pivot & Grow – Grain on the Brain

Podcast series from the Prairie Organic Grain Initiative, covering weed management, organic transitioning, grain marketing, and more.

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