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Did you know that you don’t have to break the bank to save on organic? Here are a few easy ways to bring more organic food into your life—good for you, good for your wallet, good for the planet.


Buy in Season

In-season produce is flavourful, nutrient-dense and picked at the peak of freshness. And because it’s so abundant, there’s often a drop in price that will help you stretch your budget (especially if you freeze extra for the off-season).


Cook from Scratch

Rather than buying costly packaged foods or eating out, buy whole ingredients and make your own meals. Don’t have time? Consider meal planning, batch cooking or investing in a slow cooker.


Buy in Bulk

When it comes to stocking up on essentials, there’s no better way to save money than by buying in bulk. Buy small quantities from bulk bins to minimize waste, or buy multiple items you use regularly, have a long shelf life, or can be popped in freezer.


Use Apps and Coupons

To cut costs, browse your local flyers, sign up for a coupon app, or follow your favourite brand online for exclusive discounts.


Sign Up for a CSA

Purchase ‘shares’ in seasonal harvests from your local farmers by signing up for Community Supported Agriculture (CSA). While you save on repeated deliveries of fresh, local food, farmers get a source of income during their most high-cost season.


Spread the Word!

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