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Work with Organic BC

We are currently not hiring for any positions. Please check back regularly for future opportunities.

If you’re looking for employment on an organic farm in BC, or with another organization/business that focuses on organic, regenerative or sustainable agriculture, be sure to visit our job board.


Volunteer with Organic BC

If you’d like to volunteer your time and skills and learn more about how you can support our organization, please get in touch with us! Include details about your skills and interests and how you’d like to get involved.

We currently do not have any specific volunteer opportunities available. We will post all openings as soon as they arise.


Upcoming volunteer opportunities

BC Organic Conference

On a tight budget but still want to experience all the great learning, networking, organic food and fun at our annual BC Organic Conference? Volunteer your time during the conference to receive a registration discount! Contact us for details.

Learn more about the conference

Other ways to get involved


On-farm volunteer

If you’d like to help support your neighbourhood farmer, sharpen your skills, or gain a better understanding of what it takes to run an organic farm, consider volunteering your time!

Check out our job board for the latest volunteer (and paid) positions on organic farms in BC, or use our organic directory to find a farm in your area to contact about potential opportunities.


Certification committees

Each of Organic BC’s certification bodies (CBs) has a certification committee, made up of volunteers from the CB’s membership. The committee is responsible for assessing certification applications, evaluating operators’ compliance with the Canadian Organic Standards, and ultimately awarding certification status to organic operators.

If you’re interested in volunteering to be part of a certification committee, please contact your certification body directly.


Organic Federation of Canada working groups

The Organic Federation of Canada’s working groups are made up of volunteers from across the country with expertise in specific areas, such as livestock, poultry, particular crops, etc. Petitions for changes to the standards are received by the Organic Federation of Canada, then brought to the various working groups for discussion, research, and recommendation. The working groups have up to 20 members, who participate in the entire process of reviewing questions and petitions for changes.

Contact the Organic Federation of Canada to find out how to volunteer for a working group: info@organicfederation.ca.


Standards Interpretation Committee

Have an analytical mind, interested in learning about how certification works, and want to make an impactful contribution to the organic community? Help in the interpretation of the Canadian Organic Standards by joining the Standards Interpretation Committee (SIC)!

Become involved by joining one of the working groups in the next round of comment reviews, and/or volunteer on a certification committee and/or the Organic BC Accreditation Board to prepare for this important work. Contact the Organic Federation of Canada at info@organicfederation.ca to learn more.

Want to get involved in another way?

We welcome inquiries from folks who want to join us in building a better food system. Get in touch!