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The 2020 BC Organic Conference was held over the February 28 – March 1 weekend in Richmond, BC. We were thrilled to welcome Dag Falck, Organic Program Manager at Nature’s Path Foods, as our Keynote Speaker.

In his Keynote, BC Organic: Challenges and Opportunities for the Future, Dag examined some of the current threats and challenges to organic principles, particularly in light of what’s happening south of the border to erode the organic standards there. He outlined some of the current responses and opportunities globally, such as IFOAM’s Organic 3.0, and the emergence of additional certification labeling such as Regenerative Organic Certification. Most importantly, he concluded by presenting his ideas of the best steps that can be taken to ensure a bright and growing future for BC Organic.

Thanks to Ken McCormick of Nature’s Path for filming Dag’s Keynote.