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Organic farming combines science, modern technology and traditional knowledge to achieve sustainable methods for managing weeds, disease and pests.

The following resources offer education, research, technical information, regulation guidance and more.

Organic BC resources

Innovative Weed Management: Tackling Thistle and Bindweed in Agriculture

Video: Dig into techniques for managing these noxious weeds, featuring research and on-farm results from academics and producers.


General resources

Canadian Organic Growers
Offers a variety of resources on organic management of weeds, pests and disease including publications, a National Lending Library and webinars.



Weed management

Weed Management in Organic Cropping Systems (OACC)
Provides general and specific resources on organic weed management and practices.


Canadian Weed Science Society
Professionals from university, government, and industry who specialize in research, teaching, extension, and regulation of weed-related topics.



Pest management

Organic Pest Management (AITC-C)
Agriculture in the Classroom Canada (AITC-C) resources on organic pest management.


Pest Management in Organic Cropping Systems (OACC)
Resources on the management of weeds, insect pests and diseases in organic agriculture.



Disease management

Organic Livestock Production (OACC)
General and specific resources for management of livestock disease, pests and parasites.


Disease Management in Organic Cropping Systems (OACC)
General and specific resources on organic management of crop diseases.



Government resources

Provincial Government

Integrated Pest Management
Integrated Pest Management is a decision-making process for managing pests in an effective, economical and environmentally sound way.


BC Pest Alerts
Pest Alerts highlight new and invasive plant pests of concern to agriculture in BC.


Weeds and Invasive Plants
Information resources on weed and invasive plant identification and management in BC.


Plant Health
Information on how to identify and manage insect pests, plant diseases and weeds for agricultural producers and home gardeners, as well as information on pesticide use and safety.


Animal Health
Disease diagnosis and monitoring of animal health are essential for BC’s agrifood industry.


Reportable & Notifiable Diseases
Reportable and Notifiable Disease Regulations are important for trade, animal health and public health.


Federal Government

Canadian Food Inspection Agency (CFIA)
The CFIA is the dedicated Canadian body in place for safeguarding food, animals and plants.

  • Animal Health
    Terrestrial and aquatic animal health, animal pathogens, livestock feed, veterinary biologics, Chief Veterinary Officer for Canada.
  • Animal Documents: Industry Guidance
    The Canadian Food Inspection Agency’s regulatory guidance documents provide CFIA inspectors, partners and stakeholders with the information required to comply with the applicable acts and regulations.
  • Plant Health
    Plant pests and invasive species, trade, fertilizers, soil and soil-related matter, grains and field crops, seeds, cannabis, forestry, horticulture.
  • Invasive Plants in Canada
    Plant protection, regulated pests, surveillance, and how to report a plant pest.


AAFC Pest Management Centre
Research trials, product registration support, pest management strategies, and other resources to support Canadian growers in protecting their agricultural crops.

Pest Management Regulatory Agency (PMRA)
The Health Canada PMRA is responsible for pesticide regulation in Canada.