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It all starts with the soil.

Soil health is at the heart of organic agriculture, and current understanding of soil dynamics has validated and refined the practices developed by pioneers of the organic movement.

Organic farmers nourish soil naturally by using quality compost, cover crops, mulches, integrated crop and livestock production, and other considered practices.

Healthy soil supports optimum plant growth, has increased capacity to retain water and intercept runoff, resist erosion, filter out nutrients and pathogens, and suppress pests, weeds and diseases. We also know that healthy soils sequester carbon, helping to mitigate climate change.

Learn more about soil health and the role of organic and regenerative agriculture practices through the articles and resources below.

Webinars on demand

The Science of Soil Health

Video series from the USDA Natural Resources Conservation Service.


Soil Health and Organic Farming Webinar Series

From eOrganic.


What 40 Years of Science Tells Us About Organic Agriculture

Dr. Kris Nichols


Working with Living Soils in the Market Garden

JM Fortier



Bringing Plants & Animals Together for Soil Health (DeLisa Lewis)


Ask an Expert: Soil Testing (Amy Norgaard, Dru Yates, & Emma Holmes)


Intergenerational Soil Stewardship (Marjorie Harris)


Soil Health & Cover Crops (Saikat Kumar Basu)


Healthy Soils Yield Resilient Operations (Rachel Penner)


Living Soil Film – Soil Health Institute



Other resources

Nutrient Management Calculator

BC Ministry of Agriculture


Organic Nutrient Management Resources



Organic Agriculture Centre of Canada

Resources on soil quality and health in organic systems.



Oregon Small Farms Program


Organic Farming Practices

The Rodale Institute


World Soil Day

Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations.


Every day should be World Soil Day

Insights from Canadian Organic Growers.