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Choosing organic means choosing to support a food and agriculture system that’s good for the environment, our health, and our communities.

Organic food is nutritious, free of synthetic pesticides, non-GMO and grown with care. Browse resources below to learn more about the benefits of buying local organic, connect with local food growers, and try out new recipes using fresh, in-season produce.

For those interested in trying to grow their own, additional tips and resources below will help you get started with backyard organic gardening.

What’s in season?

Eating produce that’s in season is an environmentally friendly choice that supports the local economy, and often tastes better!


Supporting local farmers

There are many ways to support local farmers and food producers, including buying choices and planning recipes around seasonal produce.


Buy BC

Learn how to support BC food growers and producers.


Community supported agriculture

Learn about CSA programs and browse CSAs available near you.


Farmers markets

Find a local farmers market near you.


Backyard organic gardening

Tips and resources for growing your own organic food and gardens.


West Coast Seeds

A variety of organic gardening resources, including regional planting charts and crop planning tools.


Society for Organic Urban Landcare (SOUL)

Articles, studies, publications and other resources on organic land care and gardening.


The Organic Backyard

A guide to applying organic farming practices to your home or community garden.