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Group health benefits for Organic BC members

As a member of Organic BC, you are eligible for a Group Benefits Plan administered through ICBA Benefits. Organic BC is able to leverage a large number of members which translates into a lower cost plan for all participants. The plans include life insurance, dental care, and extended health care (vision, prescriptions, medical aids & equipment, professional services such as massage and physiotherapy, and more).

There are two types of plans: 

  • Entrepreneur (operations of 1–2 people)
  • Larger businesses (operations of 3 or more people)
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Entrepreneur plan Larger business plan


Yes! Check out the Entrepreneur Plan. The idea of creating the Organic BC group benefits plan came from the expressed interest of family operations that wanted health benefits but found them unaffordable. By creating a Organic BC plan, we are able to leverage a larger group of participants, which translates into a lower cost plan for everyone.

The difference between the two would depend on whether or not the applicant has dependent children (under the age of 18) that would be covered under the plan. In order to make this notation please complete the Employee Enrolment Form and check family coverage in section #3. If section #6, “dependent children details,” is not applicable, then you will automatically fall into the couple’s pricing.

Some practitioners are set up to bill your plan directly, so you don’t pay out of pocket. However, if the practitioner is not set up for direct billing, then you will need to pay upfront and submit an online reimbursement form to get the money back. This takes no time at all through a user-friendly mobile app.

No, the annual maximum is per paramedical services. In other words, under the silver and gold level coverage it would be $500 for massages, $500 for physiotherapy, and so on.

Absolutely! Members can enroll at any time.

For more information, please contact ICBA directly:

service@ICBAbenefits.ca or 1-888-298-7752 ext 145