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Organic BC Directory

Find local organic food, farms, and businesses

Includes all operations certified by Organic BC certification bodies.


Acecard Food Group Ltd. dba Legends Haul Supply Co.

Status: Certified COR

Certificate #: 16-304

Certified by: PACS

Website: www.hillsfoods.com

Location: Coquitlam South

COR certified: Preparation and packaging: Beef Products,Pork Products,Chicken ProductsTraded Products: Eggs

Bulkley Valley Custom Slaughter/W Diamond Ranch Processing

Status: Certified BCCOP

Certificate #: 04-366

Certified by: NOOA

Email: manfredwittwer68@gmail.com

Location: Telkwa

BCCOP certified: Cut/wrap facility, Slaughter facility

Covert Farms Ltd.

Status: Certified BCCOP

Certificate #: 16-453

Certified by: PACS

Website: www.covertfarms.ca

Location: Oliver

COR certified: Grapes (wine) (Cabernet Franc, Cabernet Sauvignon, Chardonnay, Malbec, Merlot, Petit Verdot, Pinot Blanc, Pinot Noir, Roussanne, Sauvignon Blanc, S-millon, Syrah, Viognier, Zinfandel) Forage (hay, pasture) Lentils Oats Peas Pumpkins Triticale Vetch Organic Wines: 2019 Pinot Blanc 2019 Ros- 2019 Sauvignon Blanc S-millon 2019 Sparkling Pinot Noir 2019 Sparkling Zinfandel

BCCOP certified: Chickens (broilers)

BCCOP transitional: Wine Grapes (Chardonnay)

Echo's Reach

Status: Certified BCCOP

Certificate #: 04-335

Certified by: NOOA

Website: www.echosreachorganicpork.ca

Email: echosreach@yahoo.com

Location: Baker Creek

BCCOP certified: Mixed Vegetables, Strawberries, Elderberries, Raspberries, Pasture, Herbs Livestock: Layers, Eggs, Broilers, Pigs, Pork and extras from slaughter

Fresh Valley Farms

Status: Certified BCCOP

Certificate #: 04-346

Certified by: NOOA

Website: www.freshvalleyfarms.ca

Email: info@freshvalleyfarms.ca

Location: Armstrong

BCCOP certified: Berries: Raspberries, Currants, Gooseberries, Tree Fruit: Pear, Apple, Cherry Hay, Garlic Livestock: Cattle breeding and slaughter stock; Poultry: Broilers, Turkey

Happy Pig Organic Farm

Status: Certified BCCOP

Certificate #: 04-357

Certified by: NOOA

Website: happypigorganicfarm.com

Email: happypigorganicfarm@gmail.com

Location: Telkwa

BCCOP certified: Pasture/Hay, Grain, Pigs, Beef, Turkeys, Broilers, Layers, Eggs, Lamb

Lasser Ranches

Status: Certified COR

Certificate #: 16-146

Certified by: PACS

Location: Chetwynd

COR certified: Feed grain/Seed/Silage (Oats,Barley,Rye) Forage (Pasture,Hay,Silage) Legumes (Alfalfa/Clover seed) Beef cattle (Breeding and Slaughter stock)

Lawrence Meat Packing Co. Ltd

Status: Certified BCCOP

Certificate #: 16-921

Certified by: PACS

Website: https://lawrencemeat.com

Location: Dawson Creek

BCCOP certified: Custom slaughter and cutting of hogs:; Pork products (pork sides and fresh pork cuts)

Made-Rite Meat Products, a Division of Premium Brands Operating Limited

Status: Certified COR

Certificate #: 16-967

Certified by: PACS

Location: Langley City

Meadow Creek Sausage & Meat Ltd

Status: Certified COR

Certificate #: 14-257

Certified by: FVOPA

Location: Claresholm

COR certified: Sausage

Moat Farms Ltd.

Status: Certified COR

Certificate #: 16-465

Certified by: PACS

Location: Peace River

COR certified: Barley Beef cattle (breeding & slaughter stock) Flax Oats Pasture/Forage/Hay Peas Pigs (breeding & slaughter stock) Red Clover Rye Straw Wheat Four Grain Rolled Mix (Yellow peas,Barley,Wheat,Oats)

Revolution Ranch

Status: Certified COR

Certificate #: 16-563

Certified by: PACS

Website: www.nworganics.ca

Location: Lytton

COR certified: Pasture forage Alfalfa hay Beef cattle (slaughter stock) Hops (Cascade, Centennial, Chinook, Fuggle, Golding, Hallertau, Horizon, Mt Hood, Nugget, Sterling, Ultra)

Rosebank Farms

Status: Transitional BCCOP

Certificate #: 04-367

Certified by: NOOA

Website: rosebankfarms.ca

Email: info@rosebankfarms.ca

Location: Armstrong

BCCOP certified: Pasture, Chickens, Turkey

Rosemary S/S Farm & Ranch

Status: Certified BCCOP

Certificate #: 16-132

Certified by: PACS

Location: Charlie Lake

BCCOP certified: Beef cattle; Dairy cow ; Grain or seed (barley,flax,oats); Grain or seed (wheat); Hay/Pasture Forage; Straw

Silver Tip Ranch

Status: Certified BCCOP, Certified COR

Certificate #: 16-458

Certified by: PACS

Location: Fort Steele

COR certified: Beef Cattle (breeding stock & slaughter stock) Forage (alfalfa/hay/pasture) Garlic (bulbs and scapes)

BCCOP certified: Beef Cattle (breeding stock & slaughter stock); Forage (alfalfa/hay/pasture); Garlic (bulbs and scapes)

Spray Creek Ranch

Status: Certified BCCOP

Certificate #: 04-313

Certified by: NOOA

Website: www.spraycreek.ca

Email: farmer@spraycreek.ca

Location: Lillooet

BCCOP certified: Hay, Forage, Pasture, Livestock: Broiler Chickens, Layers, Eggs, Turkeys, Cattle, Pigs Breeding Stock: Cattle Slaughter Facility

Teschke Farm

Status: Certified BCCOP

Certificate #: 16-130

Certified by: PACS

Location: Prince George

BCCOP certified: Beef cattle (breeding and slaughter stock); Pasture/Hay

Tree To Me Agricultural Products

Status: Certified BCCOP, Certified COR

Certificate #: 16-441

Certified by: PACS

Website: www.treetome.ca

Location: Keremeos

COR certified: Apples (Ambrosia,Arlet,Aurora,Bill's Red Flesh,Crab,Davison Gala,Geneva 163,Ginger Gold,Golden Delicious,Honeycrisp,Macintosh,Mott Pink,Mutsu,Nicola,Royal Gala,Scarlet Surprise,Sunrise,Webster's Pink Meat) Apricots (Goldbar,Goldstrike) Asparagus Cherries Garlic Mixed Vegetables (Artichoke,Beans,Beets,Bok Choy,Broccoli,Brussel Sprouts,Cabbage,Carrots,Cauliflower,Chard,Corn,Cucumbers,Daikon,Eggplant,Greens,Kale,Kohlrabi,Leeks,Melons,Mixed Salad Greens,Okra,Onions,Parsnips,Peas,Peppers,Potatoes,Pumpkins,Radish,Romaine,Spinach,Squash,Tomatoes,Tomatillos,Turnips) Nectarines (Fireblight ,Independence,Red Gold) Nectarines (Early Blaze) Peaches (Early Red Haven,Glo Haven,Red Haven) Peaches (Coconut Ice,Scarlet O-Hara) Plums (Black Heart/Black Amber) Plums (June Blood,Shiro) Prunes (Early Italian,Italian) Raspberries Rhubarb Strawberries Table Grapes (Interlacken,Niagra,Glenora,Venus,Red Seedless)

BCCOP certified: Apples (Ambrosia,Arlet,Aurora,Bill's Red Flesh, Crab, Davison Gala,Geneva 163,Ginger Gold, Golden Delicious,Honeycrisp,Macintosh,Mott Pink,Mutsu,Nicola,Royal Gala,Scarlet Surprise,Sunrise,Webster's Pink Meat); Apricots (Goldbar,Goldstrike); Asparagus; Cherries; Cut Flowers; Mixed Vegetables (Artichoke,Beans,Beets,Bok Choy,Broccoli,Brussel Sprouts,Cabbage,Carrots,Cauliflower,Chard,Corn,Cucumbers,Daikon,Eggplant,Greens,Kale,Kohlrabi,Leeks,Melons,Mixed Salad Greens,Okra,Onions,Parsnips,Peas,Peppers,Potatoes,Pumpkins,Radish,Romaine,Spinach,Squash,Tomatoes,Tomatillos,Turnips); Nectarines (Fireblight ,Independence,Red Gold); Nectarines (Early Blaze); Peaches (Early Red Haven,Glo Haven,Red Haven); Peaches (Coconut Ice,Scarlet O'Hara); Plums (Black Heart/Black Amber); Plums (June Blood,Shiro); Prunes (Early Italian,Italian); Raspberries; Rhubarb; Strawberries; Table Grapes (Interlacken,Niagra,Glenora,Venus,Red Seedless)

Windfall Farm

Status: Certified BCCOP

Certificate #: 16-290

Certified by: PACS

Location: Powell River

BCCOP certified: Poultry (broilers, layers (eggs) and turkeys); Garlic; Herbs; Hops; Pasture

Wingtat Game Bird Packers Inc

Status: Certified BCCOP, Certified COR

Certificate #: 14-075

Certified by: FVOPA

Location: Surrey Richmond

COR certified: Cutting fresh and frozen organic poultry


Status: Certified BCCOP

Certificate #: 04-205

Certified by: NOOA

Email: farm@woodgrain.ca

Location: Hazelton

BCCOP certified: Mixed Vegetables, Grain, Forage, Seeds, Hay, Eggs, Lamb