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Originally produced for the 2022 BC Organic Conference.

This episode: a wide-ranging conversation with Kerry McCann and Andrew “Budgie” Budgell, co-owners of Laughing Crow Organics in Pemberton, BC. Laughing Crow is a diverse operation. Kerry & Budgie grow produce & cut-flowers for farmers markets and a CSA and in recent years have established a successful agritourism enterprise featuring a u-pick pumpkin patch and a sunflower maze. All of this production takes place on a lease at Across The Creek Organics, whose on-farm brewery dovetails rather nicely with the sunflower patch to bring tourists in droves to the picturesque property.

We’ve broken the conversation in two. In this episode, Kerry & Budgie discuss their agritourism operation, maintaining a good relationship with landlords, how they avoid tension in their business relationship and friendship, and the division of labour on the farm.

In part 1 you’ll learn about the origins of the business and the cultivation tools that have transformed their operation.