202-3002 32nd Ave, Vernon BC Canada V1T 2L7 info@certifiedorganic.bc.ca

This episode: part one of a conversation with the owners of Fresh Valley Farms. Based in Armstrong, BC, owners Steve Meggait & Annelise Grube Cavers produce pasture-raised, organic beef, pork, poultry & eggs on 300+ acres under a rotational grazing system.

This time, we’ll learn about cover cropping practices at Fresh Valley Farms, some of the vital tools and equipment in their operation, and Steve & Annelise’ thoughts on the arrival of the word ‘regenerative’ in conversations about sustainable agriculture. You’ll also hear their thoughts on where livestock fits in a sustainable food system, and their perspective on running a business with your spouse. 

Here’s a link to a short video of the Tumblewheel Steve talks about.