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About the Organic BC Accreditation Board

The Accreditation Board (AB) is the arms-length agency of Organic BC whose purpose is to fulfill the obligations for accreditation. This function has been devolved to Organic BC from the Ministry of Agriculture, Food and Fisheries as the BC Certified Organic Program (BCCOP) administrator, and by the Canadian Food Inspection Agency as a conformity verification body under the Canada Organic Regime (COR).

The core work of the AB is to perform the vital task of accrediting and/or recommending accreditation for member certification bodies. This procedure is the crux of the BCCOP and COR programs and is accomplished with utmost regard to quality control.

The Accreditation Board adheres to the following principles, in order to protect integrity and maintain requirements of the programs:

  1. Confidentiality – as approved by operational directives and allowed by law
  2. Transparency – disclosure of all potential and perceived conflicts of interest, all program(s) are available for assessment by the public
  3. Impartiality – all members shall act objectively and safeguard impartiality
  4. Third party – accreditation assessments by third parties are not subject to influence
Read the Impartiality & Conflict of Interest Accreditation Policy

Quality System

The Accreditation Board operates through a Quality System which ensures that processes, procedures and responsibilities are aligned with policy and Organic BC objectives, and are in compliance with regulations and standards.

COABC Accreditation Board Members

The structure of the AB ensures a balanced representation of interests.


Maureen Loft AB Director & Chair
Nadene Gurulé Certification & Inspection
Renee Prasad Consumer / Environmental
Nic Walser BCCOP & COR Producer
Alicia Hudson COR Processor
Jack McLeod COR Producer
Angeli dela Rosa BCCOP Operator



For further information and accreditation inquiries, please contact us at accreditation@organicbc.org.